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So many dog owners struggle with the same things.

  • Has your life become chaotic with your new puppy?

  • Are you worried your dog could hurt a person or animal?

  • Have you tried training before without results?

  • Does your dog embarrass you in public?

  • Does your dog jump and bark at other dogs and people?

  • Do you worry about losing your dog off leash?


The Steps to a Well-Behaved Canine Companion

1Schedule an Evaluation
We gather a clear understanding of your dog training needs
2Work the Plan
We guide you with a program that fits your specific dog training needs.
3Love your dog!
Experience the joy of having a well behaved canine companion
Breyers saved our dog’s life! He and his approach are worth the time and effort if you want to give your dog the best chance at a happy, obedient life.
— Cindy Urbanowicz

 28 Tailored One-on-One Lessons

The Program

Breyers’ Canine Academy teaches your dog a different way to behave. We start with the basics, like sit,stay, and come, and work our way up from there. These lessons are the foundations of a good training program

NEXT 6 LESSONS- Dog and Human Communication; Distractions and Behavior Modifications

In these lessons, you learn how to communicate with your dog. This includes keeping them from distractions, pulling the leash on walks, and other behavior modifications.

NEXT 4 LESSONS- Socialization
We take a trip to dog-friendly places to coach you on how to handle your dog in public while reinforcing manners.

NEXT 8 LESSONS- Off-leash for Complete Training
To enforce safety and grant freedom, we focus on building a strong ‘Come when called’ command. These final lessons polish the well-behaved companion you’ve been looking for. We teach off-leash basic commands so your dog can have trusted freedom.

BONUS: This program comes with 10 FREE group classes to help maintain the training and a FREE 1-hour lesson.


Client Success Story

We have a white lab that Breyer’s started working with around two years old. He was HORRIBLE on walks and we wouldn’t have guest to our home because he would not leave them alone and would bark continuously in his cage if he was kenneled. We walked him a lot but he was just unmanageable.

We tried several other local training groups in the area. Breyers’ group is not only easy to work with, they transformed our dog. He is calm, enjoyable on walks and pleasant when we have guests. He follows commands well and is a completely different dog.

Trust your dog with this caring and exceptional group. They are AWESOME!! Thank you for all you have done for us and Clark.

Jennifer Frye Shiver


Which training program is right for you?


Board & Train

First 10 days dog stays with us Mon-Fri

Sometimes pets need a new environment for an extended period of time. With boarding training they will stay with us in our facility.

Price: $2,630
Less than $95 per lesson!


Day Training

First 10 days pick-up & drop-off Mon-Fri

This program allows you to drop your dog off during the day for training and pick up in the evening.

Price: $2,430
Less than $87 per lesson!


Our Method

Your pet is special

Their personality, breed, and the household they are raised in all play a role in how they respond to you. So we custom-tailor our training programs to fit your needs and their personality.

We do the ground work to Create momentum for the training program. then we walk along side you to help your pet see you as the leader in their life.

Our approach is different

If we teach your pet how to obey us, it leaves you in the same place once they are returned to your supervision and care. So instead, we walk along side you to help your pet see you as the authority in their life.

The results are simple.

The program will give your dog behaviors they need to be a well-behaved companion and you will have the knowledge and skills to lead them with Confidence!

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Breyers Lane, Founder & CEO

Since 2002, I have worked with a variety of dog breeds, personalities, and circumstances in the DFW area and trained thousands of dogs and owners.

My goal is to walk along side you so that you are equipped with the confidence to lead your pet with the knowledge and skill needed.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your dog!


Proudly endorsed by the following experts

One of my puppy owners couldn’t manage the high drive of his puppy. I recommended Breyers for training and he did a great job. My puppy owner is thrilled with his dog and appreciated the time and training that Breyers spent with Molly. I have recommended Breyers often.
— Lisa Byrns